Tut’s Twister Online Slot

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Game description Tut’s Twister

This online slot comes from the well-known software manufacturer Yggdrasil. It is divided into 5 reels, 4 rows and 25 paylines.

The minimum bet per spin is €0.10, but can be increased to €40 per spin.

The online game “Tut’s Twister” deals with ancient Egypt. It’s all about the famous Pharaoh Tutanchamun.

As known from Yggdrasil Slots, the card symbols such as Heart, Spades and Diamonds represent the low winning images. However, these images come in the slot “Tut’s Twister” more often than in other games in block sequence, which also these icons can bring the player a high profit.

The higher quality icons are based on ancient Egypt. The symbols like rings and scrolls already bring the user a better profit.

If on all lines of the game the golden eagle amulet or the vessel filled with gems and gold appears, the customer receives the 120 to 130 times of the actual line profit credited.

The special feature of this online slot is the wild symbol. Behind this symbol there can be 3 different variants.

If there is a hieroglyphic symbol behind the wild symbol, the picture tries to insert itself into the row above the roller. If this does not succeed, the spin was unsuccessful. However, if the hieroglyph can be inserted, this is advantageous for the player. If the row above the roller is filled with hieroglyphics, the feature starts.

If a coin symbol is hidden under the wild symbol, this coin amount is immediately credited to the player and it can continue.

If a game is hidden under the wild symbol, the feature starts automatically. The mummy, which is located at the left edge of the game, moves around the corresponding roller and triggers a wild symbol everywhere on the roller. Now another wild symbol will appear on the screen. This symbol will then move around a reel in the direction of the whirlwind during the free spin. If the symbol manages to reach the hurricane, the player receives another free spin. However, there is also the possibility that during the free spins still more wild symbols appear, which then also make their way to the hurricane. For every three new wild symbols that appear, the multiplication factor is increased by one. This should please every customer. After the last free game, all wild symbols that have moved to the cyclone will be randomly distributed on the screen surface. Now the player knows what he finally won.

This online slot offers its customers a high chance of a big win and has some free spins and bonus rounds ready.

Every good online casino now offers the Tut’s Twister slot.

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