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The Best Casino Movies

The casinos and casinos of this world are playing a major role in several film strips. Gradually, a proper collection of casino films has developed, some of which have become known only after many years.

Poker, Blackjack, Dice and Roulette

Gambling is thematized differently in the films. Sometimes it's about the action at the roulette table, another time maybe the dice games or poker are the focus. Certainly one of the most famous stripes in this regard is "Casino Royale" from 2006 with Daniel Craig as James Bond. While this is about poker, the movie "21" focuses on blackjack .

If these stripes are a little too old, you should guess "Runner Runner" or "The Gambler". These titles are only a few years old and deal with online poker, roulette and blackjack . Other popular casino films are the films from the Oceans series, "Last Exit Reno" or "The fast money".

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