What are the differences between the jackpots?

There is now hardly any online casino that does without the so-called jackpot games. Often a distinction is even made between classic jackpots and progressive jackpots. And this is exactly where we are already on the subject: Where are the differences?

The progressive jackpots keep rising.

In principle, the differences between the jackpot variants are very easy to describe. The progressive jackpots are the jackpots that often reach millions. The reason for this is that the amount in the jackpot increases as the players place their bets. In addition, the stakes of all players in the respective game are evaluated here.

The classic jackpots, on the other hand, are fixed at a certain amount and change, if at all, only through the bet. In these games you always win a fixed amount. In recent years, progressive jackpots have become more and more popular, which can be explained relatively quickly with the impressive winning amounts.

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