Will social casinos be illegal soon?

A ruling from the United States is currently causing turmoil in the gambling industry. The reason: A court has ruled that social casinos should be treated as real gambling. And that in turn means in many cases that companies offer illegal gambling. Is the next big quake threatening the industry?

Experienced providers like Stargames are warned.

Social casinos are casinos in which players do not play for real money, but with a virtual game currency. The problem is that this is also purchased and therefore has a value. At least that is what a US court in Washington State decided. Numerous enterprises pursued this judgement with nervousness, because the pressure on the Social Casinos grows enourmously.

For example, the provider Stargames might feel particularly threatened. After Novomatic withdrew from the online business, the provider switched to a social casino model. But here, too, legal trouble is looming again. However: So far the judgement in Washington is only a hint. For Europe this does not apply yet, at the same time the provider concerned can also revoke the judgement from the precedent. Of course, we will keep you informed about how this will continue and whether changes will actually occur that are of greater importance.

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