For many people playing in online bookmakers or on the internet is a fun pastime and pastime. But this can also turn into an addiction that can lose one’s entire existence. Therefore, please pay attention to the following point.

Do not play for money
Set yourself a daily / monthly limit on how much money you want to lose
Only use as much money as you have available (already do not handle otherwise planned money)
Set an alarm clock to keep track of the time
Take breaks
Do not play if you have consumed alcohol or drugs
Do not borrow money for playing
Do not make debts
If you feel dissatisfied or stressed out without playing daily, please talk to your family or friends about it. There is no shame in talking or getting help.

There are several ways to get advice:

In most cities, there is a counseling center for addiction prevention, often to reach through the health insurance
There are several offers on the internet:
Are you unsure if you are already addicted or do you just want to test your gaming behavior? Then use one of the following addresses and rate yourself.