Entercash as new payment option for Mr. Green

The online casinos should provide their players with up-to-date and modern possibilities not only in terms of the games on offer or the promotions, but also in terms of payment methods. The Mr. Green Casino has stuck to this and is now offering a new payment option for customers with Entercash.

With Entercash, deposits and withdrawals are now possible.

There are already many attractive payment options in the payment portfolio of Mr. Green Online Casino. With Entercash, the provider now offers another interesting method. Behind Entercash is a company that was founded in 2011 and stands for fast deposits and withdrawals.

Deposits will be instantly credited to your account, withdrawals will be made within a few hours. More than 3,000 banks already support the payment system in Germany, so you can easily switch to this variant. A special account opening or registration is not necessary.

Even an online giant like Mr. Green wants to constantly develop further and also does this, because satisfaction means stagnation and thus it is also further guaranteed for the customers that there will be constant innovations.

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