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Reform of the Money Laundering Act

Reform of the Money Laundering Act The issue of money laundering affects many industries, including the online gambling market. Every year, several billion euros are laundered and put back into circulation under false pretences through clever company structures and targeted transactions. In order to curb this process and fight crime, the German Bundestag is enacting […]

Remote Gambling Act

Remote Gambling Act Since 01 April 2021, there is a new law in the Netherlands through the Remote Gambling Act. This law relates to the online gambling market. Since 01 April 2021, it is now possible for providers to apply for a licence from the supervisory authority KSA. The provider who makes his offer available […]

Gambling contract

New German State Treaty on Gambling The new German State Treaty on Gambling has been hotly debated in the media for several months now. But what is actually hidden behind the change in the law? Since 1 July 2021, the new German State Treaty on Gambling has come into force and the government wants to […]

Real casinos can still keep up

In recent years, gambling in Germany has developed into a real competition. Private providers on the internet in particular have taken over the market and hold most of the business in their hands. For the second time in a row, however, the casinos were also able to increase their gross gaming revenues. Experts think they […]

NetBet: The smallest amount wins

The normal procedure for a bonus offer in an online casino is usually that the players deposit as large an amount as possible and are rewarded for this with a lavish bonus. But there is another way. Every Monday, the NetBet Casino runs the so-called Cash Attack. And here it’s all about depositing the smallest […]

Viks Casino: Cashback Aktion

As is generally known, the casinos are very busy at the weekend. People are off work and often want to challenge their luck much more intensively on their days off than on a regular working day. The casinos also know this and often reward their players with great promotions especially for the weekend – just […]

888 Casino with interesting bonus

Slots fans always automatically associate the term ladder with the risk function of Merkur slots. However, there is another way: A new ladder is also available at the 888 Casino. The only difference is that it comes with free play and can also be used outside the games. Either red or black brings luck. With […]

Indian Gaming Show

The industry is once again gathering for a gaming show and once again “Sin City” Las Vegas is the venue. From 17 April, the Indian Gaming Show will start here, which, according to its own statement, is the longest-running gaming fair in the world. Numerous big names can be found here, including Merkur and Novomatic. […]

Are live casinos an alternative?

As is well known, the numerous slot machines and slots are not enough in online casinos. Instead, there is hardly a provider on the market who does without a so-called live dealer area. But are these areas really suitable as a real alternative to the casino? A good flair is guaranteed. In fact, the live […]

Virtual Reality: Bald in Online-Casinos?

Virtual reality seems to be the next big trend. More and more providers from the entertainment segment are jumping on the bandwagon and the breakthrough seems inevitable. But how does it actually look in online casinos? Will virtual reality become a reality here as well? There are certainly interesting possibilities. One thing is certain: virtual […]