Wolf Hunters Online Slot

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Game description Wolf Hunters

This online slot comes from the famous game forge of Yggdrasil. It is classically built with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines.

The slot “Wolf Hunters” puts its players in fear and terror.

The user stands at the gates of a medieval town that urgently needs help from hunters. On the city gate the skull of a wolf is shown, whose eyes glow fire-red and point thus to the topic of the play. The inhabitants are in the highest danger, because a werewolf is up to no good. With the symbols “hunter”, “trap”, “dagger” and the less valuable icons like “heart”, “cloverleaf” and “cross” the user now has the chance to save the village and get a big profit himself.

This online slot has a lot of surprises in store for its players. There are 3 different free game options.

If the user has 2 bonus symbols in his basic game, 10 free spins are activated. These Free Spins are played with the same stakes they were purchased in. There is also the possibility that more bonus rounds can be won.

If the player has collected 100 Hunter or Hunter Rage Points, 10 Hunter Free Spins will be unlocked. Here the “hunter symbol” is upgraded and brings the customer the desired profit. Once the 100 Hunter points have been used, they are automatically reset to zero and new points can be collected.

There is the possibility to set the “health bar” of the werewolf to zero by successful hunting. This bar is located under the werewolf skull at the entrance of the gate. Once this is done, 10 Free Spins are automatically activated for hunters. There are no bonus symbols on these free spins. All werewolf symbols are replaced by wild symbols. This leads to the hunter’s just reward.

This online slot “Wolf Hunter” is a really very exciting game and should be available in every good online casino.

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