Earlier this week we already reported about rumours about the British betting and gaming company Bet365, which allegedly is preparing to move to Malta. Now the company itself has officially announced that the rumours are true and that it is actually striving to move to Malta.

No information on the number of possible employees

In the wake of Brexit and the associated uncertain regulation of the gaming market, Bet635 has decided to take a decisive step. The group with around 20 million customers intends to relocate its operational headquarters from Gibraltar to Malta .

As the company announced, it has already acquired a plot of land and is now busy preparing everything for the move . Gibraltar’s concerns that all 1,000 British employees would migrate with them seem superfluous. The company Bet365 explained that the figure of 1,000 was far too high – but the British did not want to give exact figures on how many employees would also leave Gibraltar.

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