Some attentive players may have noticed changes in the online casinos in recent days. These mainly concern the payment options, because with the instant transfer, a payment method seems to be saying goodbye. The Rizk Casino no longer provides this service, but some other casinos do. Casumo Casino and others remain unchanged.

After instant transfer disappeared as a payment option from the Rizk casino, many players have wondered whether this is now a general process in online casinos. At first glance, however, this does not seem to be the case, as Casumo Casino continues to provide the service.

What exactly the withdrawal of the payment service provider is all about is therefore not entirely clear at the moment. However, this secret should be revealed in the next few days. Until then, you can continue to play without worrying. We don’t believe that such a proven payment method will say goodbye. But you never know. We always provide you with the best online providers with the best payment methods.

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