In recent years, gambling in Germany has developed into a real competition. Private providers on the internet in particular have taken over the market and hold most of the business in their hands. For the second time in a row, however, the casinos were also able to increase their gross gaming revenues. Experts think they can hold their position for the time being.

The annual report 206 was published by the Association of German Casinos (DSbV). It came out that the casinos only have a market share of 5.3 percent in the regulated market. At the same time, the casinos were able to increase their gross gaming revenues for the second time in a row.

Despite the competition on the internet, the chairman of the association, Otto Wulferding, is sure that the casinos can still keep up: “The casinos are in competition with online casinos. But they can maintain their market share if they cultivate branding and values such as reliability, security but also tradition and entertainment.”

Where real casinos cannot compete with online providers, however, is in the bonuses they give away. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is important to them. Financially, however, a real casino is not so worthwhile.

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