Reform of the Money Laundering Act

The issue of money laundering affects many industries, including the online gambling market. Every year, several billion euros are laundered and put back into circulation under false pretences through clever company structures and targeted transactions.
In order to curb this process and fight crime, the German Bundestag is enacting a new reform of the Money Laundering Act (GWG) on 01 August 2021.
As a result, companies will have to provide more detailed information in their transparency register in the future. From 01 August 2021, a company must name all legal entities and registered partnerships. At present, a company does not have to list all persons in its transparency register if the beneficial owners can already be determined from other public registers, such as the commercial register. However, this can lead to concealment of the actual ownership structure.
But this change in the law is not only absolutely necessary in the fight against money laundering, but also in order to be able to link the data of the national transparency registers with each other throughout Europe.
So we can look forward to finding out who is really behind the different online casinos.
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