Will there be network blocks in Switzerland?

The clock is ticking. In Switzerland, the days until the vote on the new Money Gaming Act are getting shorter and shorter. However, many Swiss people still don’t really know what they are supposed to vote for. But it is basically quite simple.

Network disconnection ensures exclusion of foreign providers

With the blocking of the network, politicians want to ensure that foreign companies can no longer “spread” on the Swiss gaming market. In other words, players should in future only be able to play with providers from Switzerland. What sounds good at first also means disadvantages for the players.

After all, the offer would be unrivalled, a certain competition would be missing. Players would therefore no longer be able to rely on numerous bonus offers and on the fact that the latest games from the developers can be played online immediately. In addition, the blocking could, of course, spread to other areas and also lock out foreign companies here.

We are curious how our neighbour will continue.

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