In recent years, Mr. Green has not only made a name for itself as a provider of countless slot machines, but also as an organiser of excellent gaming rounds at the gaming tables. And it is precisely these that are playing an overriding role again now, because in the live casino, a whole 35,000 euros are being awarded to players in a prize draw.

Every week 10,000 euros on the prize schedule.

Every week, players can play in the provider’s Live Casino and are rewarded with points for their bets. These points are in turn decisive for the ranking, as of course only the best players are rewarded by Mr.Green Casino. The prizes are impressive.

The promotion runs for a total of three weeks, in each week a total of 10,000 euros is awarded to the best 100 players. In addition, a prize of 5,000 euros awaits at the end of the promotion, which will be drawn at random to a player. Join in and keep your fingers crossed, it can really pay off.

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