In the style of the old fairy tale, the little pigs and the big bad wolf are currently competing against each other at Platin Casino. Until 30 April, players can benefit from the so-called Fiddler promotion. This brings three players back their largest deposit, provides each player with an additional bonus of ten euros and enables access to further bonuses. Now you can take all the bonuses and hope for the cashback.

Until 30 April, Platin Casino is dividing the coming days into three promotional periods. In each of the promotional periods, a special bonus can be used, which is a deposit bonus of ten euros until 13 April.

If players use all three bonuses during the promotion, they also have the chance to receive a cashback of their largest deposited sum. If, for example, 200 euros were deposited as the largest deposit in one go, this amount will be returned in full. Regardless of whether the deposit was won or lost. However, only three players are rewarded here, who are drawn at random. As is generally known, a bit of luck is always necessary with such offers.

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