Slots fans always automatically associate the term ladder with the risk function of Merkur slots.

However, there is another way: A new ladder is also available at the 888 Casino. The only difference is that it comes with free play and can also be used outside the games.

Either red or black brings luck.

With the Freeplay ladder, 888 Casino has once again shown itself to be very creative and provides its players with an interesting promotion. To participate, customers simply have to make a deposit with the bonus code “HIT50”. All transactions of at least 20 euros are taken into account.

The bonus code can be used once a day, after which the red or black colour must be used to climb the freeplay ladder. In between, however, individual steps can also be accepted. If you don’t succeed, the second attempt of the day is on the house.

Those who are already registered can of course take this bonus with them. For all others, we are happy to provide the link to 888 Casino.

Here is the link: >>> 888 Casino <<<