As is generally known, the casinos are very busy at the weekend. People are off work and often want to challenge their luck much more intensively on their days off than on a regular working day. The casinos also know this and often reward their players with great promotions especially for the weekend – just like the Viks Online Casino. You can simply get €100 back.

Almost without any worries, players can place their bets at Viks Casino every Sunday between 0.01 am and 11.59 pm. In the course of this promotion, the provider does not stipulate a minimum stake and also does not determine for which games the stake must be used.

Should the players incur a loss, ten percent of this sum will be transferred back to the player’s account as cashback. A maximum cashback amount of exactly 100 euros is possible, which is immediately transferred to the player’s account. Each player can then earn an amount with his cashback that is a maximum of double the amount of the cashback. With 100 euros cashback, a maximum of 200 euros could be won.

This is a good campaign by this online provider, which will certainly cause a stir among its members, but also among those who want to become members.

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