New German State Treaty on Gambling

The new German State Treaty on Gambling has been hotly debated in the media for several months now. But what is actually hidden behind the change in the law? Since 1 July 2021, the new German State Treaty on Gambling has come into force and the government wants to try to bring online gambling out of the grey area. With this new treaty, online casinos can now also legally offer their services to German customers. To do this, the online casino must apply for a licence from the gambling state authority, which is located in Saxony-Anhalt. This is intended to offer customers additional protection and also to ensure uniform framework conditions.

However, not every change is likely to be met with joy or acceptance by customers.

If one takes a closer look at the wording of §6c of the bill, some surprises await the user.

For example, there is now a deposit limit of 1,000 € per customer per month. This is not likely to please high rollers in particular.

Also, the user now has to provide a lot of personal data to the online casino, which has to pass this data on to the gambling supervisory authority.

The following data is now collected:

  1. Surnames, first names, names at birth,
  2. date of birth,
  3. place of birth,
  4. address,
  5. Amount of the inter-provider deposit limit set by the player,
  6. date the limit was set,
  7. amount and date of deposits made; and
  8. Total amount of deposits made.

However, there are further changes regarding the range of games. These new regulations can be found in §22a. Licences are only granted to online casinos that limit their offer to reels and rows. The original text literally states: “Virtual slot machine games that correspond to table games with bankers traditionally organised in casinos, in particular roulette, black jack or baccarat, are not permitted”.

The federal government leaves the offer of live casino games open to the federal states themselves for regulation. According to §3 paragraph 1a it is regulated that the respective design of the offer is incumbent on the respective state law.

Quite a lot of changes, so here are two casinos which still offer their customers the same service as before the new State Treaty on Gambling.

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